Life is a work in progress.

I am the Mother of three grown children. I have been a working Mom, a working-not-for-pay-inside-the-home Mom, a part-time Mom to children who come and go. Now I am exploring the twists and turns of what comes after.

There are many possibilities to Afterhood. Share my experiences as A Once and Future Mom.

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  1. Nadine says:


    All of your posts about Nantucket make me smile and tear up. I have been going every summer since I was 7 and from the photos to the stories just make my heart swell with nostalgia. I only wish I took photos as a child, I would love to have a picture of the Five and Ten, the penny patch, the sweet shop, so many others. But now I know, so I will document everything my kids do there this summer, not just pictures of them, but places we go as they will love to look at the pictures when they are 40 and reminsince about a lovely time. Nantucket is magical, there is no place like it. Thanks for sharing all the lovely stories and keep posting!!!

    Going on saturday, and can’t wait for the sites and smells of the Grey Lady. And a downyflake doughnut. :)


  2. sarah says:

    Thank you, Nadine! What a nice comment. I too wish there were more pictures of all the places we loved as children on Nantucket. (As The Boy says, maybe that’s my “Hundred Dollar Idea?!”) the Penny Patch on Main Street, the Five and Ten, even The Enchanted Doll House! You are very wise to think of photographing the surroundings as well as your family. Sometimes it is the details that take us straight back in time. Enjoy your visit!

  3. Lovely blog, truly. SO glad i found this.

  4. sarah says:

    I do like to have new visitors and readers, especially ones who inhabit the same experiential space as I do. Welcome….

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