Done and Dusted


Taking down the Christmas tree.

It doesn’t look so pretty now, does it? And no one is coming to gather around the tree, not again, until December 2014.

No one is coming to help with this job either.

The lights are off, the glass ornaments are tucked back into their tissue, and their plastic bags, and their layers of felt, and safely stored away in their battered cardboard boxes.

The mantles are swept bare.

Bare looks good in January.

The denuded tree will finally exit down the back stairs on Sunday, with help from The Boy. We are still barely dug out after Winter Storm Hercules, so it won’t help anyone in our neighborhood to add an over sized pine tree to the giant snow piles in the back alley.

What I will keep is the amaryllis. Yes, I purchased this sprouting bulb at the beginning of December, so that it would be in full crimson bloom by Christmas Day. No dice.

But the budding amaryllis looks fresh and green and full of promise at the start of this New Year.

Maybe it will bloom for Valentine’s Day?

The tree.

Done and dusted. I am going out to play in the snow.


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3 Responses to “Done and Dusted”

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m right with you on Least Favorite Day of the Year! We are (I am) dumb enough to do Christmas both in London and in America, so I have that day TWICE, not fun. It always seems that the planning of Christmas is lovely and long, and then blink, you missed it. Those gorgeous, festive days of party after party, and trying to find a minute to sit quietly and enjoy the tree… oh how hard it is to say goodbye for another year. What would it be like if you and I combined our ornament collections? The world might tilt a bit. :)

  2. sarah says:

    I have been a secret admirer of your two tree achievement , and year after year!

  3. Mike Huiwitz says:

    Yep. Me too. It’s also my least favorite of the year.

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