Our Weekend Trip to New Hampshire, Vermont, NH, VT, Massachusetts, New York, VT & MA

The Boy is away for a month, at the Tuck Bridge Program in Hanover, NH, preparing for his new job in Boston. So we decided we could combine a trip to see him with several other New England visits we had been considering making…. We would start by driving to Hanover, NH and taking him out to dinner at The Canoe Club. Yes, okay. We have fully embraced our new parental role of connecting with our grown children by providing food and laundry services.

We managed a good tour of the Dartmouth College campus, as well as a companionable dinner at The Canoe Club, followed by a delicious gelato at  Morano’s. The Boy shared his first week’s adventures at Tuck’s summer mini-business school. He seemed very happy and confident. Mission accomplished.

The next morning we were off to Woodstock, Vermont, to a farm located squarely in the middle of heaven, to visit My Husband’s honorary ‘Uncle Bill’.

After a lunch of chilled consommé, with chives from the garden, turkey sandwiches, lemonade and blueberries served in the farmhouse kitchen, we went for a tour of ‘Uncle Bill’s’ acres, in his John Deere Gator – a big boy’s ATV. Luckily for me, 86-year old Uncle Bill proved to be an experienced and supremely careful driver, as we climbed inclines, circled ponds, and crested peaks. You’d have to pay money for that kind of fun, if you were at an amusement park.

Here is some of what he shared with us…

There was the hand-built cabin by the fishing hole,

with a view through the pines. (“Though we have to look at New Hampshire,” Uncle Bill joked.)

And the neighbor’s cabin above a cut meadow,

with a view worth camping out for:

We came home past the highest point on Uncle Bill’s property, a rock in a mountain meadow filled with butterflies, looking down upon distant ridges shading green to blue. Words fail me.

Back down into the farming valley. We’re agreed, we are going to go visit Uncle Bill again.

The next day found us in Bennington, Vermont, where we started out with a fabulous fresh herb and sour cream omelet, and a grilled raspberry muffin, at The Blue Benn, one of the world’s greatest diners,

before boning up on local history, like the Revolutionary War Battle of Bennington.

We also admired the local art, like this ‘Covered Bridge Moose’,

which sent us on a hunt through Vermont, and into New York, and back to Vermont, on the trail of covered bridges.

I will have to send this picture of the Silk Road Bridge to the Eldest, since he has traveled the real Silk Road.

And the Paper Mill Bridge,

And the Henry Bridge. (As a British friend of mine said, after visiting this bridge, “Hail to America, where they love their bridges enough to call them Henry”. Oh. And by the way, my British friend is called Henry….)

After this, very much in the Vermont spirit, we had to visit the Vermont Country Store, where we wandered around in a haze of nostalgia, recalling soaps, household cleaners and beauty products of yore (Lava soap anyone? Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo?). You can also sample fudge, and cheese and crackers, and dips, and cookies, while you decide whether to purchase a ceramic pie plate or wooden clothespins or a Lanz flannel nightie. Or that’s what I’ve been told…

After this stop, the road somehow took us back to Williamstown, MA,

where The Boy used to be.

Only he’s not anymore.


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  1. OK, first, I WANT an Uncle Bill! Second, aren’t these buildings, views and sky just what our friends in England THINK New England is like? Simply lovely. Hope your summer is continuing to be beautiful.

  2. sarah says:

    @Kristen – Yes, I have decided to become ‘Uncle Bill’s’ honorary niece! Splendid hot summer, with these blue American skies. (Even if we are watching a bit of the Olympics!)

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