Boathouses Along the Charles

Here’s a thought that came to me recently while I was enjoying an evening boat cruise along the Charles River in Boston with cousins.

Boathouses were meant to be seen from the water. (This is Northeastern’s Henderson Boathouse.)


(This is the Radcliffe Crew’s Weld Boathouse.) But if you are not a sailor or a rower, chances are you that you don’t regularly view the boathouses of the Charles River from the water.

Occasionally I see these boathouses from a vantage point on the far bank of the river. But I bet like me that you generally see the back door as you walk, jog or ride your bike past them, on the landward side of the Charles.

Most, though not all, boathouses (See this gorgeous example of the Community Rowing, aka Harry Parker Boathouse! Spectacular from both sides…)  turn their backs on the road.

To test this hypothesis, I am going to try to capture images of the Boathouses along the Charles River, from the water and the street, and add photographs of them all here… You can decide whether I have a point or not.

Watch this space.


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